Steven LeFever

Eclectic Entertainer

List of equipment:

Zoom H5 four-track

portable recorder

Rode NTG-2 shotgun

condenser microphone

Rode DeadWombat artificial fur

(windshield for blimp)

Rode BLIMPR blimp

Rode Boompole


Xlr cables

Two Rode lavalier microphones

Recently I've been doing a lot of corporate-work projects with clients that include: Fidelity International, Dior, Google, New York Times, BBC, HypeBeast, Cherubim.  Unfortunately, these videos are hard to find at the moment.


My first independent feature "The Tiger That Grew Wings"


I've been familiar with this set of gear since 2014.  Below is a video I recorded using this equipment.  At the end it is windy but the sound stays clean thanks to the windshield.  Please contact me for more details.

photo by adwaterz

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