Steven LeFever


 actor, filmmaker

Before coming back to Guam for a visit, James begins to wonder more about life after having a talk with God in his dreams. He discusses with a friend to get his take, then returns home only to see his brother distraught by recent events of the island. He spends his time home enjoying conversation with more friends by getting their ideas on the state of the island and on life in general. Before leaving, he hopes to help his brother find a better way to deal with the controversies that the island faces today, and to remember what God smelled like in his dream.

Håyi Gaitano Este: or [What Does God Smell Like]

Writer/Director Steven LeFever

Co-writer Michael Lujan Bevacqua

Co-director Neil Tinkham

Cinematographer/Editor Michael Marriott

Producer Myracle Mugol

Starring Steven LeFever, Orson McClellan,

Michael Lujan Bevacqua,

Jayton Iseke Okada, Franchesca Nico

Executive producers Cory Caso, Donnie LeFever,

Nicholai Yuki, Charles Esteves

Boom operators Nick Dugan,

Jayton Iseke Okada, Christopher White

BTS photographers Cory Caso, Ryan Bustamante,

Michael Lujan Bevacqua, Sumahi Bevacqua

Chamorro-speaking coach for Mr.LeFever // Jesse LeFever

Make-up artist for Ms.Nico // Tiarra Jean

Associate Producer Edward Lu of SAPORO Entertainment

Clothing provided by Pacific Island Mångge Pops,

Håfaloha, ENE Wear Clothing Co.

Chamorrita Swimwear, Roots&Development

Thank you sponsors iFIT Guam & Drop Guam

Food provided by Pika's Cafe

Special Thanks Emi Suzuki, Pablo Absento,

Jamie Duenas, Rafael DeAusen, Alvin Daugthery,

Yu Yu, Sue Marie Cruz, The Okada family

A film by Steven LeFever

Gaudent Films//

"Gabrielle Fa’ai’uaso’s Ofa ma Alofa, a tale of young lovers from ancient warring Samoa and Tonga akin to Guam’s Two Lovers Point legend, and LeFever’s Hayi Gai, a philosophical take on socio-political issues facing Guåhan, were also very intriguing films."


-A FestPac Delegate's Perspective: Drawing Connections by Vicente "Ben" Salas II of Mariana's Variety




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BTS photography by Cory Caso, Ryan Bustamante, Michael Lujan Bevacqua, Sumahi Bevacqua

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