Steven LeFever


 actor, filmmaker

Written & directed by Taylor Harris and Steven LeFever

Darren comes to Tokyo to attend his best friend's funeral but gets drugged and misses out, losing trust with the people he came with. He attempts to piece things back together, the night before as well as himself, with the help of a local woman.

We won these 3 awards from Dreamachine International Film Festival Spring Session 2020.  We will compete with the fall session in December for the final competition.  Stay tuned here for more film festival news.

T H E   T E A M

Taylor Harris // writer, director, producer, director of photography

Growing up in Southern California, Taylor Harris has gathered an immense passion for filmmaking and the art of cinematography. A commercial and narrative cinematographer himself within the automotive world, he uses his extensive background to push the limits of what is possible — having nearly a decade of production experience combined with a vast knowledge of camera tech.  Taylor has worked with automotive companies such as MotorTrend, Discovery, Mind Over Eye, Porsche, Mclaren, Mercedes, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Nissan, Hyundai, Subaru, Honda, KIA, and Toyota. He is also a gimbal operator that specializes in AntigravityCam, remote heads, Black Arm, Ronin 2, Movi Pro, and drone camera operation.


Steven LeFever // writer, director, producer

Steven LeFever was born in Guam.  His grandfathers were American soldiers that came during World War II to take the island back from Japan, and his grandmothers were native Guamanians.  His passion for writing began at 16 when he took an interest in poetry.  He moved to California at 19 to attend Cal State University, Long Beach.  After graduating, he moved to Japan, a country he dreamed of living while growing up.  He wrote & directed his first short film in 2015 titled “Håyi Gaitano Este: or What Does God Smell”, which was a recipient of the Gold Kahuna Award at Honolulu Film Awards for its portrayal of current socio-political issues his home Guam faces today.  He now lives in Tokyo with his wife and 2 young sons working as a freelance actor and filmmaker.


Ian Randolph // producer, lead actor

Ian Randolph is an actor, writer, director, and producer from Los Angeles, California.  His short film "Background Music" was the winner of Best Experimental Film at the 2016 WIPE film festival in Berlin, Germany.  His other credits include various theatre, film, television, and commercial productions such as Our Lady of 121st Street, The Mighty Gents, Glee, and Sam and Cat.


Edward Lu // producer

Edward Lu is a nutritionist, public health professional and business investor based in Guam and Taipei.  To support his sister's entertainment business in Taipei, he joined Guam International Film Festival in 2015 and realized there are actually many talented filmmakers in Guam, including Steven LeFever. Since then, he has collaborated with Steven on some of his productions.

T H E i R   S T O R Y

Ian, Steven, and Taylor, when Ian and Taylor first landed to Japan to shoot Give Me Beauty.


Steven and Taylor were barely even 20 when they became friends on the Orange Coast College rowing team.  Taylor would transfer to University of Colorado Boulder, and Steven went to California State University, Long Beach, where he met Ian in the theatre department.  After graduating, Steven moved to Japan to become an actor, and Taylor began his career in Los Angeles as a cinematographer, though they always talked of making a film together.  They wrote the script to Give Me Beauty and Steven had casted the main character, but he suddenly had to leave back home to Australia.  Around the time they planned to shoot, Ian, now an actor in Los Angeles, wanted to visit Steven in Tokyo for vacation.  Steven opened up about Give Me Beauty and asked if Ian would be interested in playing the main role.  He accepted, so Ian and Taylor came to Japan at the same time to shoot this film.



Ian Randolph // Darren, male lead

Tomoko Hayakawa // Tomo, female lead

Andrea Minerva // Lani, supporting character

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