Steven LeFever


 actor, filmmaker

12 foreigners in Tokyo have paths entwined more than they realize...

Poster design by Michelle Basco

Shawn seems to have found his footing in a country he longed to live for a long time, establishing his video production company, but with a partner, Kin, who hasn't  assimilated himself as efficiently. Money doesn't seem to be an issue, but perhaps making real personal connections is. Not just for both of these individuals, but also for Malcolm. He has lost his long time girlfriend, and it doesn’t seem he will get her back, so he loses himself in the fantasy of arcades, not being able to find the warmth of reality in an often cold city. These three, like the rest of the characters, have left their native homes in hopes of finding themselves, or perhaps one another. Some have, some haven't, whilst journeying to the realization that they must be at peace within before extending peace beyond. This is a day in the life of a select few foreigners, or "gaikokujin" in Japanese, living in one of the most populous cities in the world, yet all intricately connected in some cosmic way.


LeFeve Films presents


in association with Gaudent Studios




Written/Directed by Steven LeFever



Chiara Signorile

Walter Jackson

Georgina Roberts

Yu Yu

Joel Dickerson

Stefanie Arianne

Steven LeFever

Amelia Katherine

Caleb Combs

Patrick Nicolas

Alexandra Lee

Asia Marie






Cinematography by

Arris Waterman

Steven LeFever




                                       Music by Walter Jackson


Produced by

Steven LeFever

Kenji Kanai

Arris Waterman

Walter Jackson

Mega Robinson

Punam Baraili

Richard Eaborn

Beatriz Moreno



Executive Producers

Charles Esteves

Jesse LeFever


Associate Producer

Edward Lu of 杉朋娛樂 (SAPORO Entertainment)














Edited by

Steven LeFever


Opening Title by

Remy Busson


Sound by

Steven LeFever

Arris Waterman



A film by Steven LeFever



Shot entirely in Tokyo, Japan

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