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I need to watch The Crow again...


Alex Proyas really did it on this one.  Bravo all around.  All the shots, the acting, the story.  THE TRUTH.  This is what you need in your life, a masterful story to tell about what IS life.  And Proyas did it.  Now that I have been studying more on what is closer to Truth these past years, I'm seeing it more in certain film.  My man Antonio Joyce turned me on to this particular one.  Happy I watched it.  Every frame is a painting.  Just like the YouTube homie suggests you to craft your work in such a way, and they've done it here.  The colors are so appetizing, and the writing in tune with the characters portrayed.  The end is so gorgeous.  Pay attention to everything about the end.  It is...a perfect ending.  Look towards the light.  Not the dark.  Like when your mind takes over.  Takes you out of place.  Not in the moment.  Which is where you need to be.  The Present.  It is in all of us, and the information age will soon show it to everyone.  God is That Which is which is The Present.  Keep speaking the Truth and we will all be in Heaven, right where we are right now, together.  I am a fan of Alex Proyas and need to catch up on his other joints, and again, to rewatch The Crow.  It has been so long, and Brandon Lee...



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