Steven LeFever

Eclectic Entertainer

Co -founded.  Tasty English is a fresh new way to learn English idioms for the ESL learner. These fun English learning videos offer entertainment, which would appeal to the English native-speaker as well.


M A R i A N A  S K Y

A genius bird finds the opportunity to speak with a spiritual man through their thoughts via transcendental meditation at Utak, the northernmost island in the Mariana archipelago, which sets him off on a journey through the island chain, experiencing the multi-faceted tropical cultures, observing human behavior, lending his knowledge of the history, and accumulating philosophy through each flight, all to build spiritual growth in hopes of discovering what he really wants in this puzzling life, as he makes his way to Guam, the southernmost of the Mariana Islands.

My new eBook has released in Aug. 2016.  PLEASE CLICK HERE to go directly to the Amazon Kindle page.


GAUDENT REEL // if you need any video/photo/editing work done in GUAM or TOKYO of any kind, please contact me for more information.

Co-founded.  Gaudent Films is a production company that began in January 2015.  So far we have committed to creating promotional videos for iFIT Guam, RM Renovations (London), UMA Gym (Guam), and have dipped into the independent cinema realm, producing my first short film, "Hayi Gaitano Este: or What Does God Smell Like?", music videos, and my upcoming co-directed short film "Give Me Beauty" (in partnership with


"Håyi Gaitano Este: or What Does God Smell Like"


My first short film.


Premieres at the 2016 Festival of the Pacific Arts

Guam, USA // May 22 - June 4, 2016


Before coming back to Guam for a visit, James begins to wonder more about life after having a talk with God in his dreams.  He discusses with a friend to get his take, then returns home only to see his brother distraught by recent events of the island.  He spends his time home enjoying conversation with more friends by getting their ideas on the state of the island and on life in general.  Before leaving, he hopes to help his brother find a better way to deal with the controversies that the island faces today, and to remember what God smelled like in his dream.


A Gaudent Films production

written/directed by Steven LeFever

co-written by Michael Lujan Bevacqua

co-directed by Neil Tinkham

cinematography by Michael Marriott

produced by Myracle Mugol

starring Steven LeFever, Orson McClellan,

Michael Lujan Bevacqua, Jayton Okada,

Franchesca Nico




My first novel,

a literary fiction

“The Moon is smiling at me again tonight.” So begins the journey of Rick Dueñas, a 26-year old Guam native living off the island for close to a decade. After graduating from college in California, he moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of a common dream, yet has grown to appreciate other dreams, both in his thoughts and reality. Thanks to his studies, Rick strongly identifies himself as a multicultural person, and finds passion in expressing that awareness to the world via his traveling blog. It seems that he’s got his life all figured out, but a particular girl(s) and a recent trip home faces him against his biggest complexity…love. And as these “coming-of-age” circumstances succeed to be troubling, Rick strives to find balance and truth with the help from his philosophical mentor, hooligan friends, and another unlikely companion…the Moon.

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