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I am really thankful of Lara Ozaki and Glimpses of Guam for putting this piece about me in their recent issue of R&R Magazine.  They are an excellent news group and I hope to be featured in further projects down the line.  As you can see, philosophy is a big component in the article and me overall, and as I was on Guam, I was able to link both Guam chef Ed Sablan of PDX671, and Freddie Guitterez (TV writer in Los Angeles) with my friend Boo Ada of Master Random ←check it out here to listen to the 4 of us chat (Episode 51) AS WELL AS a philosophical conversation between Boo and I (Episode 52).











































Thank you guys so much for agreeing to chat on a whim, and especially, the chats themselves//







For FestPac, I was a delegate under the publications section of literary arts.  I am happy to be a part of such an amazing group of people, consisting mostly of strong women in the Pacific whom helped me further craft my story Mariåna Sky, and also offered me further inspiration through their passionate writing works.  Thank you for all the heartfelt stories that came out of Hagatna Library this past Festival, thank you for listening to the philosophy in my work, and most especially thank you all for your warmth and wisdom.







































































Also!  The premiere of my first short film Håyi Gaitano Este: or [What Does God Smell Like], a grand turnout!

































Thank you all so much for being a part of this very important day for me.  I am blessed beyond blessed.





















The second showing was at almost full capacity of the Guam Museum's indoor theatre due to the joint showings of Mighty Island's "I Matai", Alex Munoz's "Duendes Gone Bad", and Ben Salas' "Ayotte: Way of the Warrior Poet".  It was a beautiful night of film wonder with amazing people on stage and in the crowd.
















































HGE: or [WDGSML] will begin submissions into potential film festivals around the world, most notably,

ones in the Pacific Ocean, since the story ties into relevant issues our islands face today.


Synopsis of Håyi Gaitano Este//

Before coming back to Guam for a visit, James wonders more about life after having a talk with God in his dreams.  He discusses with a friend to get his take, then returns home only to see his brother distraught by recent events of the island.  He spends his time home enjoying conversation with more friends by getting their ideas on the state of the island and on life in general.  Before leaving, he hopes to help his brother find a better way to deal with the controversies that the island faces today, and to remember what God smelled like in his dream.


SUBMISSION UPDATE of HGE: I've applied to Kaohsiung Film Festival in Taiwan!  And as a result of that, a couple days later was featured in a China Times article!  Think it is time we submit to more fests!









































































































































After I make the festival rounds with HGE, it'll be available online.  For any more information or inquiries, please email me at







































I appreciate you with nothing but Love//










































Wednesday, June 8, 2016//

My experience at THE 2016 FESTIVAL OF THE PACIFIC ARTS in Guåhan has been!  I am a new man with new ideals in this world.  The collective vibe of the Pacific Sisters and Brothers of Oceania has risen to new heights, and remains up there even after the Festival's end.  FestPac 2020 in Hawaii though!!

New documentary coming to

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