Steven LeFever

Eclectic Entertainer



They say many left-handed people are creatives, and that is true for me.  But not all leftys are passionate.  Passion is something someone is born with, and I am lucky to have that trait.  My artistic passion began with dancing at 16 when I was growing up on Guam.   As I moved to California for college, I became passionate about acting as well as writing.  After college is when I found passion in directing films, as well as martial arts, and a bit of modeling.  This is around the time I moved to Japan.  And now, I am working on building my skills as a rapper.  My life is devoted to art simply because I am the happiest whenever I am creating something to offer to the world.  People may think I am doing too much different things and spreading myself thin, but all art is connected in the universal notion that one must not think, but instead, to feel.  Make art through your heart, and your craft will be beautiful and authentic.  This is how I lead my work and my life//

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