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Becoming an actor was my first choice when I chose to lead a life of entertainment, and it remains one of my greatest passions.  I took an acting class when I was 21, and soon after, I minored in theatre arts at California State University, Long Beach.  I studied Sanford Meisner and Uta Hagen, amongst other theatre greats.  Acting comes from my innate personality to be able to pretend as well as revive my past experiences of anger, sadness, happiness, crankiness, and silliness.



Dancing is what led me to all my other passions.  Dance came to me because of my love for music.  When I was 16, I started going to underage club events, and stopped caring about how I looked on the dance-floor.  Overcoming this fear changed my life forever.  I slowly built confidence, and soon enough,  started to really FEEL the music.  The rhythm began to live in me, and I have been freestyle dancing since.  I mostly practice hip-hop music, but I have also studied Flamenco and African dance.  More recently, I've developed a martial art that mixes kenpo, the philosophies of Jeet Kune Do, and dance.  Dancing is one of the greatest joys in this world.

Japanese pop-star Kafka Shishido's "Dame Kashira".  I play an Elvis impersonator: one of her love interests.



This is a picture during the shooting of Hayi Gaitano Este: or [What does God Smell Like], my first official short film, which I have also written and acted in.  It has premiered at the 12th annual Festival of the Pacific Arts in Guam in May 2016, and soon to be shown at the Tribal Film Festival in Oklahoma.  This 18-minute short is a dialogue-driven story about the philosophies of life, as well as the colonization of Guam, and it explores the identities of what it means to be a Chamorro (Guam native) in today's ever-changing world.  Directing has become one of my greatest passions and is largely due to my degree in communications, which essentially is what directing is: communicating your ideas to your cast and crew so that everyone is on the same page and are working toward a common goal.



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Educational entertainer: Since 2012, I have been involved in writing, acting, directing, producing, and now editing these videos intended for ESL learners to enjoy and learn English idioms/phrases at the same time.  We have consistently created decent production videos for English learners from all over the world to enjoy and build their English conversational skills.  Educational entertainment was a term coined by Walt Disney himself.





In addition to what's listed on this page, I am also available to work freelance for camera, editing, and sound.  Fees negotiable.  If interested, please click on the links to the left for more information.

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My manager Kobayashi ( produced a rap track for me and James Wonder and we now call ourselves the Nantoka Boyz.  Be on the lookout for more fun tracks in the near future.  Looking for collaborators!  Hit me up.



literature & screenplay

I have written scripts for many different projects, short and feature.  Some have went beyond the paper, and some have only been just that.  I love writing dialogue and I have a knack to make conversation flow.  For me, it is much more practical to create scripts than literature/poetry, but I do enjoy the ladder regardless.

This is BEAUTiFUL ESCAPADE, my first novel.  It is a literary fiction completed in January 2011 w themes of love, philosophy, and culture.  Please CLICK THE PICTURE ABOVE for the synopsis as well as if you wish to purchase the paperback.  For the ebook version, please click here.

My 2nd and final novel is MARiANA SKY, out now!  It has themes on philosophy and spiritualism, and occurs throughout the Mariåna Islands, as told by a genius Mariåna fruit dove.  It also takes on a satirical approach to the current issues these islands face today, such as the military buildup: a threat to the environment for the sake of enhancing military defenses.

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